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Green Bay Packer's home page:
The Packer Plus Online:
IRCLE's homepage: An IRC client for the Macintosh
mIRC home page: IRC client for the IBM compatible
NFL's homepage:
funny jokes: Some funny jokes for you to read
An Unofficial Bill Nye Web Site: This is an unofficial web site for Bill Nye.

About Me!

I live in River Falls, WI, USA. It is a small town of about 11,000 people. I do not recommend you come here because it is a VERY boring town. I like to work on, upgrade, and fix computers. I am not looking for someone to meet so do not bug with any of that stuff.

My Computer Has megabytes of RAM! (actually, it is a page hit counter)

Matt Juaire

berniematt AT wireframetech DOT net

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